Placement At The Vienna Biocenter Summer School

Current university students pursuing courses in life sciences are invited to join the Vienna Biocenter Summer School on a nine-week placement. Participants will receive a stipend and have their accommodation and travel costs covered. The deadline is on Sunday 31st January 2021.

The Vienna BioCenter is a leading life science location in Europe, a thriving campus that combines research institutes, universities, and biotech companies.

Four research institutes collaborate in creating an exceptional training environment, where students and junior researchers have all the necessary resources to conduct meaningful projects.

Each fellow will be allocated a faculty member, with whom they will work closely. A diverse range of research projects is available in molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, bioinformatics, RNA biology, stem cells, and biochemistry. The research project will focus on a current topic in the allocated lab.

The Vienna Biocenter Summer School includes a series of lectures given by faculty members on recent discoveries and state-of-the-art techniques in their respective fields.

Covering a broad range of topics, the lectures will include the latest on small regulatory RNAs, the cell division apparatus, and neuronal circuitry.

The Vienna Biocenter Summer School concludes with a scientific symposium. In a short talk, each scholar will present her/his findings to students and faculty. Prizes are awarded to the students that give the best presentations.

Arrangements will be made for applicants from overseas to secure the necessary visas. Applicants should be aware that the working language of the institutes is English. Scholars will be housed free of charge in student accommodation.

Each student will be awarded a stipend of €1,400 after tax for the nine-week programme. Medical insurance for the nine weeks and travel costs reimbursement are provided.

The deadline is on Sunday 31st January 2021.


Main Criteria

Candidates should have completed at least two years of university study. At least three months of research experience are required. A good academic record and high level of English language with  three months research experience mandatory.

Medical degree students may only apply if they have completed three to four years of their studies and have the relevant research experience, they must also intend to study a Ph.D. in a Life Science related subject after completion of their current studies.

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