PhD studentships In Precision Agriculture

The aim of the project is to establish a research platform combining cutting-edge soil and crop sensors, modelling and system control technology for managing farm resources (seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, water, and manure) site-specifically, with the final goal of establishing a precision agriculture centre in Flanders.

Students holding a MSc degree in Bioscience or other relevant areas are invited in Ghent University in Belgium to work on one of the PhD research projects from the following list:

  • Site specific fertilisation.
  • Site specific manure injection.
  • Site specific pesticide applications.
  • Site specific soil compaction management.
  • Site specific seed rate management.

Main criteria

  • A completed MSc degree in Agriculture Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Agronomy, Mechatronics Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, those who are still completing a degree can apply too.
  • Ability to use basic engineering software and modeling languages;
  • Knowledge in sensing technologies, modeling, and control theory is not mandatory, but will be an advantage;
  • Ability to work with agricultural mechanisms is necessary;
  • English fluency, teamwork, problem-solving.

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