PayPal Asked to Block Essay Firm Cheats

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events. In last week’s news roundup we speak about Russian support for Syrian students, request to PayPal to block essay firm cheats and Trump administration's plan to put a limit on student loans.

Russia offers scolarships to Syrian students

500 scholarships  will be offered to Syrian students at master’s and doctoral levels, reports Al-Fanar Media. These scolarships will be provided by Russia that actively work on supporting higher education institutions in Syria in the post- civil war period. Russia also plans to establish a Russian-Syrian research center at Ba’th University. Omar Imady, senior fellow at the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of St Andrews, said: “The relationship between Russia and Syria in higher education is not new. A lot of Syrian students studied in the Soviet Union.”

PayPal asked to block essay firm cheats

Firms such as Paypal are called by the education secratary to block transactions for essay writing firms, reports the BBC. Damian Hinds stated that it is “unethical for these companies to profit from this dishonest business”. Douglas Blackstock,  who is the head of the Quality Assurance Agency, said:”Companies that try to entice students to buy so-called plagiarism-free essays pose a real threat to the academic integrity of our higher education.” In 2016 alone, the QAA identified 17,000 academic offences.

Trump administration plans to put a limit on student loans

The Trump administration plans to put a cap on loan borrowing, reports the CNN. This proposal will be the part of the Higher Education Act update. A senior administration official said: “We want to encourage responsible borrowing.” Currently the limit for students is $57,500, while their parent do not have such limits. The administration’s goal is to propose a limit on their borrowing as well.

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