Patreon: The Future for Independent Artists?

Patreon has become a music artist's dream outlet for earning money! Through a subscription service to listeners Favourite Independent artists, artists can truly achieve artistic excellence!

Many artists can agree that it can be truly difficult to establish a steady income from creating music content. In many cases, it is truly hard to fund an artist’s work without proper funding. 

So, how do artists obtain these funds? Many artists go the ‘crowdfunding’ approach which is money being fundraised by many people for a one-time project. 

For example, album releases, tour funding, event funding, and music video funding. Outlets such as Kickstarter have been a strongly utilized crowdfunding website for artists to achieve their goals.

However, a new website is reaching for the stars, as musicians are switching their many fundraising efforts to Patreon. 

Patreon allows fans to support the ongoing career of an actor, musician, and other creative individuals by pledging small amounts per creation or per month in exchange for bonus contents and rewards.

 The truth is that there is an extreme lack of networks that allow artists to build solid relationships with fanbases. Many networks additionally lack reliable and secure income for musicians. 

The realisation that entities such as YouTube don’t always produce dependable income, has become more apparent in today’s technological music climate. 

Musicians everywhere use social media outlets such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to grow their product demand, but only reach a certain amount of financial gain. 

Many artists spend more money on promoting their content than receive a steady income.

Designed by a musician – a member of electro folk-pop duo band Pomplamoose – Jack Conte, artists can build a well-organised and professional fan-funded income with monthly payouts. 

But although the creation of Patreon has been an honest innovated game-changer for many music artists, there is a certain approach to gain optimal success.


Grow your Fanbase Before Entering Patreon Market

 Patreon works bests for music artists with an already strong existing following. This notion is due to relying on fans to become first subscribers. 

Patreon tends to work better for successful YouTubers, artists with a past successful crowdfunding campaign, and regional touring acts. 

In terms of logistics, a music artist would find it simpler to ask current fans to pay for the service, than new fans who are unfamiliar with the artist’s musical content. 

Putting all trust in strangers (non-fans) may reduce the chances of the artist making a steady income.

Further, there isn’t much to alter or change when a musician uses Patreon. The content, however, should be more video based. Fans are wanting to see exclusive content. 

These are things that other unsubscribed fans aren’t able to see. Depending on the content, rewards are offered at various levels depending on the amount pledged by the fan. 

Set by the music artist, the most common tiers are starting at $1, the second $5, and the third could be more depending on the clips and musical content.


Utilise self-promotion

 Artists need to lure audiences to their Patreon account. In terms of self-promotion, the website creates a reliable consistent income stream. 

Additionally, the website creates an intimate and more personal relationship with the artist and allows a proper feedback chain for creating future content. 

Patreon Website
Branching Out: Patreon allows musicians a steady source of crowd-funded income

Support has become a polarising subject for artists all around the world. Fans and lovers of various music artists feel connected by constantly contributing to the artist’s success. 

The artist needs to utilise this growing nature and establish a means of receiving the support, along with accepting the support.


 How to Get Started with Patreon

If you are an artist and feel ready to establish a global musical presence through Patreon, there are two main steps to create a substantial presence. 

Once creating the profile, the first step is to figure out your primary content. This could be videos of performances, lyric videos, or small interviews, etc. 

It is important to decide whether fans can pay per video (musical creation) or simply per month. 

This can be tricky and solely depends on the artist’s and their content producing pace. 

Additionally, creating interesting rewards to engage your audience is crucial within this step.

Once your material and approach of content are established, you are ready to launch and grow your Patreon account. Very simple.

However, this is when the real work begins. As discussed previously self-promoting your fan to the website will be important to gain traction to the Patreon account. 

Some tricks include posting promotional content to Patreon first, (releasing the album a day early for Patreon subscribers) and creating banners/links that link off to your Patreon profile from social media accounts.

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