Partially Funded International Seminar In Greece: European Y.O.U.T.H. Meets Politics

The seminar is co-organized by JEF Europe and JEF Greece. The participants are expected to develop practical skills in order to fight intolerance against migrants. With help of this international activity, participants will be empowered and have more competences in order to influence society and the democratic processes towards a more inclusive and peaceful society.

Main criteria:

  • Up to 30 y.o.;
  • Citizen of the Council of Europe member states + Belarus.

Participation fee is €100 (€50 for locals and anyone who does not need accommodation). 8 scholarships of 30 EUR will be provided based on the quality of the response with the regard to the applicant’s motivation. Travel reimbursement is 70% of the travel costs (up to max. 150€).

In order to apply, please fill out this form. Results of the selection procedure will be announced by Sunday 16 October 2016. 

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