Partially Funded Conference For Innovators In Education In Spain


International Network of Innovators in Education (INIE) Conference will be held in Madrid on June 4th. The event is a platform to connect educators, cultural entrepreneurs, creative innovators, academic researchers, and practitioners from across the world. The conference aims to bring this diverse intersection of professionals together in order to share original and creative ideas for improving education and cultural entrepreneurship. Deadline to register is May 20th.

This year’s topic is Cultural Entrepreneurship & Innovation and its relationship to the Education field.

Cultural entrepreneurship mobilizes cultural activity for the purposes of developing social, economic, and human capital areas, bringing together culture producers and consumers to enhance lives, revive communities, and promote thriving local economies. 

We are interested in building upon participants’ experiences and interests in launching or developing their own projects, incubators, cultural innovation labs, living labs, etc. Whether you are well-versed in cultural entrepreneurship or someone who wants to learn more about this growing field, we want you to consider participating in our 2016 conference“, written at the official website of the event.

The event will be of interest to: educators, cultural entrepreneurs, creative innovators, academic researchers, practitioners, and students.

The event is open to everyone.

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