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Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément (Blind Date) 

And the first is – a fresh, vivid romantic comedy, a simply constructed movie about two individuals whose apartments are separated only by one very thin and uninsulated wall.

Punctuated with humor, precise timing, and likeable actors. 


Il a déjà tes yeux (He even has your eyes) 

When two French Africans adopt a white child, it proves that racism hangs on both sides: “What are the social workers smoking?”

Breaking ingrained norms is not easy, as they are going to find out soon, and it starts at home.


C’est quoi cette famille?! (We are family) 

My mom had three husbands, I have six half brothers and sisters, four dads, and four moms.

We move three times a week…that’s Bastien’s family history in a nutshell.

Sick and tired of constant moving among his family members, here he comes with a genial plan.

Amour & turbulences (Love Is in The Air) 

On ex-couple, one broken heart, three years later in one aircraft – Antonio and Julia are flying to Paris sitting side by side with plenty of time to say all that they didn’t say before.


An historical movie from the end of Renoir’s life, when his last model, Andrée, found a way into his emptiness, brought a new energy into the master’s life, and charmed two generations at once.

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