Parenting At Its Best In The Animal Kingdom


Which species would you think of if you were to spontaneously decide of the best parents in the world of animals? We at YT delved a little into the subject. Check out our photo gallery.

Orangutan female creates a real bond with her little one
African Elephants are well known to look after their young for several years and they create an exceptional bond with them. Elephants are also known to die of a broken heart.
Dolphins are authoritative and at the same time teach their young to be independent.
Penguins are an example of teamwork. The male and the female of the species join forces to bring up their offspring in difficult conditions.
Sea lions seem to have created an ideal old fashioned community. The males have a ‘harem’ and all the females get together to look after the young while the male guards them from what might come up from the seas.
Orangutans in a way are similar to elephants. The female looks after the young for as long as eight years. The difference being elephants live in herds. Not so the orangutans.

Photos: Shutterstock

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