Orange You Glad You Listened to Mild Orange!

As the days begin to feel longer and the sun continues to spread heat upon the receiving ground, let’s be honest. We all need a moment where everything shuts down in a screaming halt surrounding our fragile figures. With the vibrant, mind-altering sounds of “Psychedelic Rock”, New Zealand band “Mild Orange” captivates the smooth energy of peaceful solitude with their self-titled album “Mild Orange”

The Middle Orange Story

Colors have the power to tell a story. With the imagery of various implications, color creates a feeling to describe heavy emotional pull from one’s soul. For example, the anger of red to the happiness of yellow.

The envy nature of green to the melancholy of blue. The stillness of lavender purple gazes one’s perspective. With the power of complexion and paint-infused glows of life, color is an entity of wonder. An understanding of an optical illusion, for the eye to become bombarded with beauty and rays of emotional reaction.

What about Orange? Orange creates a multitude of peaceful capabilities. To the outer layer of the glorious sun, to the skin of the majestic Giraffe, orange is nothing but mild.  The melting of colors seamlessly in a pool of demolished artistic structures and waves of puncture sensitiveness consumes a psychedelic dialect.

Music and color are paired together like water and ice. Frozen in nature they still however both flow in an effervescent way.  Similar to color, music is all around us in ways we never recognized before. From the chirping of the diligent birds in the morning to the talkative crickets of the night time breeze, the wave of various sounds of life create the soundtrack of life. Although the chroma and intensity of the sounds of music are ever changing, no one creates a more colorful dye of radiant orange than “Mild Orange” in their self-titled album “Mild Orange”


Music That Tastes so Sweet

“The colour orange can cause one to experience a heightened sense of optimism, a boost of aspiration, and a stimulation of warmth and happiness.” Mild Orange.


With their Dunedin, New Zealand dream pop infusion of psychedelic instrumentation, “Mild Orange” formed through the eyes of children, as friends Josh Mehrtens and Josh Reid began their musical bond in kindergarten, later rekindling their orange flame in university. The band was later joined by the music stylings of Tom Kelk and Jack Ferguson. After an explosive set on the music scene from events such as Rhythm and Vines New Year’s Eve show and the Corona Extra New Zealand tour, listeners became obsessed with the band on the rise. In 2018, the band toured parts of New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch) with the Jack Berry Band, later releasing their debut album “Foreplay” on April 28 2018. Recorded at the band’s house, the album was to portray an introspective nature. Through the exploration of loss and love, the project expressed an emotional outlook of psychedelic rock.

Psychedelic rock refers to the world of psychedelia, which falls into an assorted vision of rock music. Surrounding the essence of psychedelic culture, perception of mind-altering musical implications is experimented and replicated. With various instrumentations of electric guitar, elaborate studio effects, and elements of non-western instruments the sub-genre of rock melted onto the music scene in the mid-1960s. With artists such as “Freedom”, “Jerry Garcia” “Gong” and “The Great Society”, psychedelic rock inspired many of pop’s sounds for years to come.The heavy guitar-driven sound inspired much of their second album, “Mild Orange”. The beautiful imagery within the musical project released on the scene on May 29th, 2020


Sip on Psychedelic Perfection!

Have you ever stopped and realized how it feels to truly be free? Free from fear. Free from concern and alteration or others’ happiness. This feeling of freedom is stillness. Stillness can be influenced by the beings surrounding us. However, stillness can be manifested through our inner walls of solitude. It’s a tricky thing to become aware of one’s own moments of much-needed self-progression. Within these hours of serenity of colorant thought, you find that things are much more conquerable when not tugged on with harsh force. The instrumental track“Flight in” resembles a cloud-like state of mindfulness. The flying musical efforts take you on a ride of purifying tranquility.



Let your love flow free!




Just like an easy flowing river, love can create a parallel freedom as stillness. It’s crazy how love can trap you in this slow-motion movement of happiness and reassurance. When two souls combine into one full entity, the overwhelming calmness rushes the two bodies like an infectious disease. It’s an indescribable feeling to breathe through someone else, rather than by yourself. In the captivating song “Share This Dance” love is at the forefront of the past, present, and future. Hope of tomorrow dances around the thoughts of love in this beautiful effortless track that melts your heart in a flash of minutes.



With the polarizing efforts of colorful imperfection, “Mild Orange” paints a picture of the best parts of life. With a strong 8 out of 10, the album produces mindless energy for the times where we need it the most. Music has the power to alter our vision on certain chapters of our life. It reminds us to let the mind relax and slow down within the crazy, hectic world we all live in.  With the elements of psychedelic factors, the songs tend to melt into each other, almost sounding the same.

This could be a positive selling point for a future fan, however variety in song stylings hit my eardrums in a more inviting way. However, the emotion behind the lyrics and the calmness it creates, lives perfectly in your musical library. Whether it is enjoying a summer evening or sipping drinks of a bubbly nature with a close friend, the album narrates the perfect feeling of completeness.

Photo: Shutterstock / Edited by: Martina Advaney

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