Open another Door with Synth Pop legend Caroline Polachek

Embrace your uniqueness with Indie Pop sensation "Caroline Polachek"! Through her free spirit and open-mindedness of all thing’s life and music, we discover the true meaning of organic authenticity. Who knew that the word “unique” would be such a struggle for some? 

A young boy like me always struggled with the relatability of the word and its essence. In society, it is easy to feel like you don’t fit in. It can be a chuckle or confused stare from an unknown person that makes you sink into a hole of confusion. Being unique is all that I have ever known. It is all I have ever known. Through the eyes of a hyperactive creative specimen like myself, I needed constant artistic outlets to center and calm my energetic nerves. In some societies, you are accustomed to viewing this as a social disability. The majority of closed societies think this way. But, what about people like me? Are we less of a person because we think in such an abstract and emotional way? I beg to disagree to the highest degree. It is the uniqueness that sets a life up for constant joy and living life to the extreme fullest. Music creators have that sense of uniqueness. There is no one more unique than the beautiful indie-pop songstress “Caroline Polachek”.

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Born in Manhattan, New York the songstress later relocated to Tokyo, Japan at just six years of age. With the heavy musical implication of pentatonic and minor tonality, the world of anime and Japanese culture would later influence the authentic artist in her music writing.  As her father gifted the songbird with a keyboard, Polachek began dabbling in synth playing. Later in her lifetime, the artist settled in Greenwich, Connecticut where she began her newfound love of singing through the vocal choir. Being a hyperactive child, Polachek dabbled in many different activities. Riding horses contributed to her musical ability regarding rhythms and voice.

“You don’t always have full control of your instrument, in this case, the voice. You have to trust it, you have to give it space, you have to know when to push, give it air.” Her teenage years were fueled with angst and free spirit contentment as she began to travel to various cities to attend concerts. Through the sounds of post-hardcore emo, punk, and jazz her eclectic taste would soon form her unique synth and indie-pop musical interpretation. According to Wikipedia, Indie pop is a music genre that combines “do it yourself” experimentation and guitar pop that counterbalances the mainstream pop industry. Dated back to the 1970s British post-punk movement, the inspiration of the gig circuit sets a tone for the authentic pop sound.

While attending University of Colorado, Polachek founded the band “Chairlift” with a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter “Aaron Pfenning” which later would be joined by record producer “Patrick Wimberly” in 2007. The synth-pop band released their first EP titled “Daylight Savings” which follows a very successful debut album “Does You Inspire You”. During the highlighted success, Polachek formed Girl Choir among 12 other female singers. The choir consisted of members of “Class Actress” and “Au Revoir Simone” The band outlived their time together, breaking up with a final tour in spring of 2017.

The break up did not stop the ambitious singer. The singer would again further relocate to Rome, Italy to begin her artistic residency at the Villa Medici. Under the alias “Ramona Lisa” the singer released her self-produced project “Arcadia” in 2014. Self-describing the album as “pastoral electronic music” the album was recorded with no special equipment. Through voice memos and simply built-in microphone computer recorders, the organic sound embodied the essence of her approach to life and musical content. Polachek’s second studio album “Drawing The Target Around the Arrow” received superb reviews. The highly anticipated third album “Pang” released October 18th, 2018.

Through Polachek’s musical endeavors, collaborations with artists such as synth artist “Blood Orange”, legendary “Beyoncé” and pop icon Charlie XCX” set her up for optimal musical success.

From the 2018 album, “Pang” comes one of my favorite songs of these past months. “So Hot You’re Hurting my Feelings” is the complete 90s vibe. With a hint of early 2000s pop music culture, the song is one of those dreamy feel-good sounds that make you want to move. The pop symphonic sounds resonate with her unique approach to the voice and lyrics as the title of the song is muttered effortlessly throughout the chorus. This song will definitely form an earworm. Beware!

Listen to “So Hot You’re Hurting my Feelings” By Caroline Polachek now!

“Now there’s the sunset. Salt in the wound. Sometimes I don’t know who I’m singing to. Who is the you who I sing to when the house is empty?” There is this pulse and everlasting compulsive nature when it comes to love. Within the nature of its being, love can open doors to another relationship with reality. In this sultry internet universe, the musical atmosphere created through the sounds of the track “Door” is a vibe, to say the least. The artist has the power of incorporating a silky-smooth texture in a pool of organic instrumentation and electronic accents.

Listen to “Door” by Caroline Polachek now!

Through her musical powers, she tests all odds that uniqueness is a negative stigma. Being unique is being able to walk a way of life that transpires to many and inspires people to be actually who they are. As I write these kind words reader, I imagine that you embrace your smile and everything that comes with it. The life on earth shouldn’t be wasted on fear and worry of acceptance. Dance like no one is watching. Speak from your own creative mindset. For the bystanders that notice my uniqueness and frown upon me in shame, I feel sorry for you, for my unique is what makes my life entirely epic. Open another door with “Caroline Polachek”!

Photo: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney

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