#MustUSE Online Tools for Writing

Each and everyone of us is into writing. Some write because it's passion, others have to write because of academic assignments or work. But for everyone it is useful to know that there are plenty of online tools that can make our lives easier. In this article we've listed some of the most used ones.

Grammarly improves communication among the world’s more than two billion native and non-native English writers. Its flagship product, the Grammarly Editor, corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for more than 250 common grammar errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and provides citation suggestions. 


One of the leading digital dictionaries, inspiring word lovers to learn something new every day. It provides over 70 million global monthly users with  reliable access to millions of definitions, synonyms, audio pronunciations, example sentences, translations and spelling help through their services. 
Dictionary.com, an IAC (NASDAQ; IACI) company, is the world’s leading, definitive online and mobile resource for everything word related. 


This tool helps you to for simple eBook creation and publishing right from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Github and more. It also helpful to export eBooks from your Google Drive with just two clicks. Write your text. Design a cover. Publish your eBook, easily as counting from 1 to 3.
ZenPen is a minimalist writing zone where you can block out all distractions and get to what is important ‘The Writing’.
These 50 tools can help you when you do any kinds of writing. This is a extensive list of writing tools, but by no mean you need to apply all of them when you do any writing. You will become handy with these tools over time. You will begin to recognize their use in the stories you read, you will see chances to apply them when you revise your own work. Eventually, they will become part of your flow, natural and automatic.

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