One World Scholarship – Study in Salzburg or Tyrol


One World Scholarship programmes are specifically aimed at students from the developing world. The students are from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Young student preparing notes for his studies
Opportunity to study in Salzburg and Tyrol in Austria

The students can choose from one of the many universities in Salzburg and Tyrol in Austria. The list of the universities can be found here.

The programme is designed for those wishing to do their Master’s and PhD.



For those who receive the scholarship for the Master’s level the money is 500 Euros per month and for the PhD students the sum is 550 Euros per month. Both for the entire duration of the semester. The maximum duration is the period prescribed for the course plus one semester.

In addition to studies OWS also puts an emphasis on extracurricular activities as an integral part of the program.

The aim of the scholarship is that students must develop the ability to contribute to the economic, social, ecological and cultural development in the countries they come from.

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