Olympic Medallist from Italy Marta Pagnini: ‘From the Worst Moments Come the Best Lessons.’

From starting gymnastics by chance to making it onto the national Italian team, and then going to – pinnacle of every athlete’s career – the Olympic Games. Italian gymnast Marta Pagnini is an Olympic bronze medallist, but gymnastics is just one of many things that Marta loves doing. By the age of 29, Marta has been the Italian team’s captain, has won numerous medals; and recently received a University degree, has written a book, and has become an Instagram influencer with many followers. What was her life like during her sports career, and how has it changed since then? How can you overcome difficulties and make it to the Olympics? What does the life of a gymnast consist of? Marta shared all of it with me in a very honest and open interview for Youth Time Magazine.