Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge

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What is the Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge? Teams will compete for aggregate prize purses of up to $500,000 and may have the opportunity to receive a minimum of $1 million in aggregate investment from Sky Ocean Ventures.

The challenge is a one-year competition composed of three complementary tracks that will run simultaneously—Design, Circular Economy, and Data Visualization.

The Design Track challenges teams to identify pragmatic, investable solutions to improve food and beverage packaging and containers.

The Circular Economy Track challenges teams to develop scalable business models and technology solutions, applicable across industries, to reduce plastic packaging waste and encourage the reuse and repurposing of plastic alternatives instead of discarding them after one use.

The Data Visualization Track challenges teams to represent a relevant, credible data set related to the global challenge of plastic waste as a data visualization.

Main criteria:

  • For all three tracks, an eligible entry must be a solution that is originally developed and implemented by the team. Submissions must be submitted in English;
  • All team members must be 18 years of age or older, and may not be citizens of any restricted countries or areas (mainland China, the province of Quebec, or any OFAC-sanctioned countries: North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, the Crimea region controlled by Russia, and others as may be updated by the United States government.)

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