Not Just Excellent Education But Also A Great Lifestyle – Lisbon, Portugal

Not just from Brazil, international students flock to Portugal from many parts of the world, including from Australia, the U.S. and the U.K.. Apart from the quality of education it’s the quality of life that attracts them.

First, a point to be made about education. Many of those studying in Portugal have found there is no dearth of professors and teachers that own businesses, who apart from imparting education based on the course are also able to guide students from their own practical experience. Added to that is the cooperation between the universities and the industry which further offers valuable inputs from the outside world and opens up possibilities for internships.

A great place to live in

Life in Portugal moves at its own pace. Going with the flow allows for time to step back and think and to relish all that the country has to offer which is plentiful. There are other basis of considering Portugal such as the quality of life, affordability, the hospitality and the warmth you receive from the locals, the climate which offers many warm days, the beaches and it’s actually party time all year around. Be it parties that are organized or even street parties. The Portuguese can teach us a thing or two on how to live life.

Leisure time in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the oldest city in western Europe and apart from the magnificence of the architecture which shows that the city has been carefully restored to its former glory there are also archaeological sites not far away, that go right back to the iron age. The same as Rome, Lisbon is believed to be a city built on 7 hills but actually it is 8. In addition to the beaches which are just fabulous, there is also what some consider to be the best Oceanarium in Europe. Carrying your own food and wine and sitting with your friends on one of the embankments while enjoying the view is a pleasure in itself and makes for an affordable evening out. And then there are the street parties that you can join in when you don’t want to spend too much. Shopping, eating out, dancing, music, you have it all in this city full of friendly people who will even hug you in the form of a greeting.

If you plan ahead you can also get yourself listed for accommodations provided by the university. Since this is limited, should you not succeed in getting one it’s easy enough to find a paying guest accommodation with one of the families or getting together with a few students and hiring an apartment. The quality of accommodations is usually pretty good.
The public transport system in Lisbon is one of the best and you will have the choice of travelling by the metro, buses and even funiculars and ferries.

Artworks the bookstore Ler Devagar in Lisbon, Portugal

Do visit the website of the university to determine the courses most suitable for you:

University of Lisbon
Official website

Cost of Living

The annual fees you will pay is quite nominal – between 950 to 1,300 Euros. Additionally, do budget for around 900 to 1,000 Euros per month towards your monthly expense inclusive of shared accommodations.

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