Nominate The Young European Of The Year


The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is inviting young people from all over Europe to nominated their peers for “Young European of the Year“ award. The winner will get the prize of € 5.000. This amount is intended to finance a half-year internhship at the office of a Member of the European Parliament or another European institution. Deadline for nominations is October 30th.

The award is open to young people from Europe between the ages of 18 and 26, i.e. in the year of receiving the prize, the winner should not be older than 26. She/he should have dedicated themselves in a volunteer capacity to foster understanding between peoples and/or European integration. The candidates should have achieved outstanding results and wish to actively promote their ideas in the future.

The sum of the prize values € 5.000. This amount is intended to finance a six-month internship with a Member of the European Parliament or another European institution. It is also possible to use the sum to finance a project which promotes European integration. Such a project has to follow the aims of the Schwarzkopf Foundation and needs the approval of the Foundation’s board in order to be accepted.

If you know a young person who fulfills the requirements, please fill out this nomination form and send it together with a CV of the candidate and a description of the reasons for the nomination to the following address: Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa, Sophienstraße 28-29, Berlin, Germany, 10178.


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