New Webinar – Work-Life Balance And Why It Matters?

The Webinar- Work-Life Balance And Why It Matters is the part of the webinar series ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’, organised by Youth Time International Movement and presented by the speaker Dr. Julia Richardson from Curtin University will be held on Wednesday 30th of April 2021 @ 10am CET (Central European Time). 

It is free and you can be easily registered with this Zoom link.

COVID 19 changed life as we knew it across the world. Non-essential workers were converted to remote work within a matter of weeks and this transition may have altered the workplace for the foreseeable future.


What Can You Expect?

This webinar is a part of the ‘Future Skills for workplace sustainability’ series and is focused on wellbeing in the modern age.

Not just separating home life and work life but gaining valuable skills to meaningfully take care of mental health and really enjoying both a professional and personal life.

During this webinar, Dr. Richardson will explain how to achieve a true balance and why it is so important as the workplace evolves.

She will elaborate on effective methods to implement this into your daily routine as well as setting appropriate boundaries. to prevent an imbalance impacting your mental health.

Not sure how to apply these strategies to your situation or not sure how to introduce boundaries at work?

This is your chance to ask an expert in the field!


Who is the Webinar designed, and beneficial for?

This webinar is suited to all people from all backgrounds. Having a proper work-life balance and maintaining mental health is crucial as we move into life and into workplaces around the world after the pandemic.


About the Speaker 

Professor Julia Richardson is an internationally recognized expert in Human Resources Management, Career Management and Organizational Behaviour.

A former Chair of the Careers Division of the Academy of Management, Julia has won multiple awards for both her research and her teaching.

Her co-authored 2018 book ‘An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of your Work and your Life’ has been adopted for executive education in several countries.

She is also Associate Editor for Career Development International and is a regular media commentator on themes relating to careers, work-life balance and the contemporary and future job markets.

A ‘First in Family’ to attend university, Julia has a passion for teaching and supporting the career and life experiences of others.

She is also committed to ensuring positive/safe workplace cultures that support individual well-being and personal growth.

If you would like to check out other webinars. follow our YouTube page.

Photos: Edited by Frank Spindelaar


How to improve mental health in the work and life?

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