New Historical Series


Watching a good television series can be quite satisfying. Sometimes even addictive. For your pleasure of your watching for this weekend we have some good recommendations for you. A selection of series based on history.

New Historical Series
New Historical Series, From the series The Spanish Princess


Is an ongoing biographical historical series on the life of young queen Victoria who was the second longest reigning monarch in the history of Britain.

Based on the numerous diaries she kept this series is strongly suggested.

Watch it here.

White Princess

This historical series is about the mother of Henry VIII, Elizabeth of York. Quite well made and based on the novel by Phillipa Gregory it depicts her life in good detail. Not just a lesson in history, it’s entertaining.

Watch it here.

The Spanish Princess

This is a series depicting the life of Catherine of Aragon and all the trials and difficulties she had to face before becoming the wife of Henry the VIII.

It also bares apart the royal families and the alliances they established, including marriages, for the sake of power. Engrossing.

Watch it here.

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