Netflix’s Queer Eye: A Beautiful Slice of Life

In a world full of anger and despair, here’s a show that focuses on the good parts of life.

Reality TV often exists just for you to spend a couple of hours relaxing and not using your brain or feeling much at all while watching. And that’s great. There are countless such shows that offer an escape from reality to a world where the biggest problems include some superficial drama that you don’t have to get too attached to. However, there are also some other types of reality shows that do ignite emotions beyond just numbing the brain. The “escape” element is still there but in addition to that, shows like Queer Eye offer a genuine look at real people trying to improve their living conditions.

Not only that, but with the help of the Fab Five the person who is the focus of the episode changes not only their eternal look and their living situation, but they also change internally in regard to their mindset. Changing for the better is difficult but Queer Eye makes it look effortless in the best way possible. All the while, offering fun, laughs, and, perhaps most noteworthy, tears pretty much with every single episode.

Who Are the Fab Five?

The Fab Five is made up of five queer individuals who are experts in their respective fields. This is instrumental in helping the person within the episode in more ways than one. It moreover makes it clear that everyone has their role to play while also at the end intersecting their “work” to best help the “subject”.

Tanveer Wasim France, more commonly known as Tan France, is the fashion expert on the show. He typically helps the person who’s the subject of the episode with making them feel more comfortable in their own skin by finding the right clothes and overall fashion that best fit their personality.

Antoni Porowski is the food and wine expert of the show. He connects with people through cooking by helping them get a better sense of either healthy eating or just learning how to cook something that makes them feel accomplished. He was born in Canada, but his parents are of Polish descent and he often talks about how proud he is of his heritage.

Jonathan Van Ness is the hairdresser on the team. Usually, the person who’s the subject of the episode is not exactly well-groomed and thus Jonathan comes into the scene. He deals with hair and overall personal hygiene while simultaneously connecting with people through communication.

Bobby Berk is the design expert that transforms people’s living space often from barely livable to a place that anyone would be proud to call their home. If the saying “home is where the heart is” stands true, then Bobby fixes people’s hearts every week on the show.

Karamo Brown deals with the culture and lifestyle part of the show. His expertise lies in the way he talks to people on a deeply personal level. He either goes out for a drive, a walk in the park, or some other daily activity in order to have a deep conversation with the person and find out exactly what’s bothering them, and what’s the proper way to go about helping that person.


The Joy of the Show

The Fab Five spend one week with each person for every episode. The entire week is filled with real inner growth that few other shows produce. The settings may change from episode to episode but the Fab Five are always there with their magical touch, no matter how much the person of the week is struggling. The kind of help that is provided and the kind of change that a person undergoes from the beginning of the episode to the end is truly a sight to behold. Beware though, this show will hit you right in the feels. That’s because, behind all the glamour and fun, there is a genuinely good attempt at helping someone in need. Helping someone who is down on their luck, someone who has not spend a lot of time focusing on themselves, that’s what the show is ultimately all about.


With six beautiful seasons now, Queer Eye has taken the world by storm. It’s the number one go-to comfort show for a lot of people. If you want a fun time, an escape, and to feel authentic emotions, try this reality show for a change.


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