Natural Wonders In Chile

Chile, one of the most beautiful countries in South America, has many landscapes and natural landmarks everyone should visit!

From the immaculate beaches of Easter Island, the dreamlike desert and sand dunes of Atacama, the imposing glaciers of Tierra del Fuego, the colossal granite walls of Torres del Paine and the Volcán Villarrica, Chile. The country is packed with natural wonders, that can make a great travel experience.


Lake Pehoe

Officially voted as the 8th natural wonder of the world, this scenic place received over 5 million votes from visitors all over the world in a contest to choose the eighth wonder. Situated near the village of Castillo, this pristine lake is one of the most incredible sights created by nature, all of which gets magnified with the reflection of the mountains that rise dramatically above the lake. Once there, make sure to visit all the iconic sites including the three granite towers  of the Torres del Paine meaning the blue peaks, the glaciers and the golden pampas. Go horseback riding, boating, biking or even hiking in the area and lose yourself in this too good to be true place with the Andes not far away.


Atacama Desert

When we think of a desert we think of heat. Yes, temperatures can soar well over 50 degrees in the Sahara. This 1,600 kilometres long desert which has a maximum width of 160 kilometres and runs along the Pacific Coast on the west of the Andes Mountains has an average temperature of just 18 degrees Centigrade.

When scientists wanted to simulate Mars on our planet, they went to the Atacama Desert.

This driest “hot” desert receives only 1 mm of rainfall each year but for the first time in 400 years was flooded in 1971 when it rained continuously for 4 days. 

Along the desert you will find over a million inhabitants, oasis towns, vegetation such as tomatoes, olives and cucumbers and herds of alpacas that the natives grow for a living.

The desert acquires a surreal feel when warm air meets the cooler areas and a dense fog is formed. Another reason you see the fog that creates an atmosphere which makes you feel like you’re walking in a dream is when the air gets heated over the land and the cold currents from the Pacific meet this air. These are times you will gawk in wonder at the beauty of the desert.

What more will you see? Colonies of seals, penguins, terns, gulls, pelicans and flamingos.


Andes Mountains

In this kaleidoscope of a country, a visit to the Andean mountains should always be on your itinerary. Running through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, the Andes are the longest mountain range in the world reaching close to 9,000 kilometres, many parts of which are volcanic. 

The mountains are rich in biodiversity and wildlife and it’s common enough to see cougars, chinchillas, guanacos who are related to llamas, deers and several bird species including the Andean condor.

This is where you will also experience the ancient civilizations and the best of wineries on the slopes of the mountains where the owners will be happy to host you at a reasonable price and offer you the ever popular Chilean food with their wines.


Marble Caves

Also known as the Marble Cathedral, these are known to be the most exquisite, in fact magnificent, system of caves that were created languidly by nature through erosion by water more than six millennia ago. The caves are around Lake General Carrera, Patagonia. The only way to reach the caves is by boat or ferry. These spectacular marble caves with their tunnels and pillars change colours during different parts of the year to every shade of blue. If you wish to truly experience the complexity and the elaborateness of this geological wonder, the best way would be to visit in a small boat or a kayak to make your way right inside.


Many would agree nature is the ultimate architect and artist.


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