Naples – The True Taste Of Italy


Charming street in old town in Naples / Photo: Shutterstock
New Castle or Castel Nuovo in Naples / Photo: Shutterstock
Naples landmark – Church of St. Francis on the Plebiscito Square or Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples / Photo: Martina Advaney
Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, Italy / Photo: Martina Advaney
Interior of Napoli palace / Photo: Shutterstock
Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples / Photo: Shutterstock
While in Naples, it is worth to visit the local fish market / Photo: Shutterstock
The best way to discover Naples is to go through its streets / Photo: Shutterstock
Tomatoes, mozzarela, basil and olive oil – The legendary Neapolitan Pizza / Photo: Shutterstock
The well-known Pompei ruins are just behind the corner – a short ride by train to reach the Archeology park in Pompei / Photo: Martina Advaney
One of the streets in Pompei archeology park / Photo: Martina Advaney

For more information about Pompei, visit our earlier article guide.

Title photo: Shutterstock

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