Mystery Movies

This week will conclude on a mysterious note as our traditional selection of weekend movies comes from the category of mystery movies. We hope you enjoy tension and drama, and that you will have a pleasant time.


Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star as two cops following a serial killer who murders his victims in the name of the seven deadly sins. Get ready for a masterpiece that is super dark and won´t leave one detail unresolved.

Mystic River 

Another spine-shivering film features, once again, an investigation in the company of super stars. Sean Penn as Jimmy, Kevin Bacon as Sean, and Dave Boyle as Tim have been friends since childhood. This time their meeting is sadly coincidental with the mysterious death of Jimmy´s daughter; and Sean, who is a cop, takes on the case as a detective.


Memento is a story of Leonard (Guy Pearce), whose wife was murdered, and he doesn´t remember anything since the moment of her death.  Stripped of his memory, yet determined to avenge her death, he takes on an almost immpossible task, using all kinds of crutches to help him to keep the track alive until he forgets it again. So he photographs every detail and even tattos himself with meaningful messages . . . all to bring some peace to his life and mind again.


Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a thief, but not just any thief. His specialty is extracting secrets from the subconscious of his victims during dreams, when their minds are most vulnerable. His life becomes miserable in spite of being in great demand. Now he has an opportunity to end his job and lead a normal life again. But only after he finishes his last operation, which surely is not going to be the easiest one.

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