#MustUse Online Tools For Traffic Generation And Performance Tracking

This article is focussed generally on the online traffic of websites and blogs, and most probably people who aren't into such stuff will not find this interesting, but those who are daily struggling with their online content to be shared and seen as much as possible this list may be a very helpful content. And as always all these articles with lists are not sharp lists, we are aware that out there are many other tools but we are trying to bring to you some of the most used and more efficient ones, have fun on analutics numbers and figures.

GetSiteControl offers a set of professionally looking widgets for website optimization. With the help of our full-featured yet easy-to-use widgets you can promote certain pages of your website and drive traffic to them, increase newsletter sign-ups, promote your social media profiles, set up surveys and polls, collect feedback and get more website visitors converted into customers.



Alexa is your complete web analytics toolkit. Harness the power of analytics to grow your business online. Alexa has traffic metrics across the web— an invaluable source for competitive intelligence and strategic insights.


Pingdom is a website monitoring service. In short, it monitors sites and servers on the Internet, alerting the site owners if there’s detected any problem.


From small blogs to massive websites, Disqus is the easiest way to build active communities. It’s free to use and works with virtually any type of website. No matter what platform you use, Disqus integrates seamlessly. We support major platforms with easy-to-use plugins or copy-and-paste code.


Moz develops inbound marketing software, provides robust APIs for link data and social influence, and hosts the web’s most vibrant community of online marketers. Here at Moz, we believe in better marketing: optimizing your site so it can be found on the web, being responsive through social media, joining relevant conversations about your industry, and creating content that people love. We build tools like Moz Analytics and create educational resources to help make better marketing possible for everyone.

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