#MustUse Online Tools for Low-Cost Traveling


This is a new series of articles called #MustUse where we’re going to be focused on interesting online tools and platforms. It’s going to be a weekly column. And each week its author Taulant Hoxha would come up with a different topic. And considering the fact that traveling have taken the 1st place on the list of his life goals, let’s start with that.

Below you will find some of the best online tools that can help you to fulfill your wanderlust and for sure with a low-cost. Probably this is not a strict list, maybe there are many other tools that I haven’t used yet, but these ones here are from my personal experience and also from my friends experiences.
Airbnb is a trusted online marketplace that allows people to list – discover and book very unique and interesting accommodation options around the globe. It give you the chance to unlock local experience and travel as a local. It indeed the most innovative marketplace so far, it offer you the most unique and craziest accommodation options such as; a castle for one night, sailing boat for one week or an apartment for a month. 
Couchsurfing is a global community of up to 8 million people from more than 100k cities, who share withing this community – their interesting life, their crazy world, their unique journeys. Couchsurfing connects travelers with a global network of people willing to share in a very profound and meaningful way, thus making travel a truly super-social experience.

Hostelworld has more hostels, more availability and more destinations than any other hostel website. On top of that they also offer free city guiding, free podcast’s, different travel features and way much more, and for sure because of these reasons they are world leader in online accommodation booking for independent, low-budget option for young travelers. 

Aairfare WatchDog is an airfare monitoring and alert site that provides free fare alerts to subscribers and visitors. They include fares on all airlines, including Southwest, and some you may never have heard about, and also they include the promo code for discount fares.
Their mission is simple and to the point “To make air travel affordable for all.”

Ryan Air is an European ultra low cost carrier, and that means they bring to you the lowest fares on flights to all of their listed destinations.

Wizz Air is an carrier that offers flights to numerous destinations with prices that are affordable for anyone. Their cool and simple concept “Now we can all fly” made WizzAir one of the biggest low-cost airlines in CEE.

JetBlue is an low-cost airline serving the United States.

Air Asia is an low-cost airline from Malaysia serving mostly South-East Asia.

FlixBus is a Low-cost bus travel company that offers bus lines to and around Germany. It connects large and medium-sized cities every day through its wide service network. FlixBus has been offering modern mobility at excellent cheap prices.

Polski Bus is a polish bus company that offers low-cost bus travel to and from Poland, with very well equiped buses having wi-fi services, adjustable seats and so on.

Mega Bus is an low-cost bus travel servicing the United States and the UK.

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