Music is Flamboyant with Bubblegum Bass Star, Dorian Electra!

Music is supposed to change perspectives. Music is supposed to bring various walks of life together in an effortless community. Music also, however, is supposed to make listeners aware of the wide array of individuals settled on planet earth like themselves. Through the pop sounds of Dorian Electra, there is a whole new definition of “queer music”.

As I lay hear on my couch watching the rainfall faintly upon my window, I begin the accruing thought of acceptance. What does it truly mean to accept someone for who they are? The thing or concept that floats within societies surrounds the idea that people who wear the brave badge of uniqueness and difference, are not sticking to the status quo. This darkness illusion processed through a path or tunnel of hate, only keeps people and groups divided. It is the idea of perception. How we view people. We are conditioned to think of certain people a certain way, or even worse at times, not think of them at all. Acknowledgment of uniqueness is almost as important as fitting in. If we relinquish these preconceived values and notions surrounding the interpretation of acceptance, maybe the world would circle around the sun in more harmonious motion. Let’s face it, uniqueness is never going anyway. One who is unique can’t escape the unstable barrier that spans galaxies and infinite possibilities. Music, like any form of creative arts, is a freedom of expression. Through the power of healing the mind-body and soul with melodic tunes, we find that music can indeed bring even the most ignorant of people, into more intuitive knowledge. Through musical artists eyes, there is a constant need to be, not only a voice for the people but a certain group of people. Through their flamboyant imagery and demeanor of all things edgy and gender-bending; Dorian Electra is like no other!

A warrior of bubblegum bass and experimental pop, Electra began her artistic journey through their education from School of the Woods, a Montessori high school in Houston. The singer later ventured to Chicago to pursue further education at Shimer College. PC Music or bubblegum bass is a style of Electronic Dance music developed in the early 2010s. The focal point of the fairly new genre is its interpretation of pop music and elevated the preconceived notion of femininity and cute appeal to higher amplified levels. The genre is also known for its pitching of the vocals upward and filtering rhythmic patterns through a UK bass and or Wonky filter. Experimental pop is a difference in essence from bubblegum bass. This particular genre is a style of pop music that can’t be simply placed or categorized within the traditional pop musical borders and guidelines. This pop version interprets existing popular forms and pushes them into new realms. Components such as eclecticism and aleatoric music can be seen as a heavy tool in the efforts put towards experimental music. With an approach similar to artists such as “Prince” “Lady Gaga” or “Boy George”, Electra received pop fame in 2010 with their music video “I’m in Love with Friedrich Hayak”. Showing their love of classical liberalism through the worlds of the philosopher of the Austrian economist, Electra proceeded to welcome to the scene two additional videos, “Roll with the Flow” and “We Got it 4 Cheap”, winning second place in the Lloyd V. Hackney Endowments “Supply and Demand Video Contest”. That following year, Electra intended at Emergent Order, this created more industry connections and affiliation. The year gave the artist extreme recognition. The song “FA$T CA$H” won an award from the Moving Picture Institute. Describing their following project as an attempt to collide the common party scene with another relatable association, the music video “Party Milk” was a huge success.

Through the intersectional eyes of queerness and feminism In 2019, Electra released their highly anticipated debut album “Flamboyant” as gender fluidity was a topic of firm discussion through their perspective of musical interpretation. Being transgender and gender-fluid themselves, Dorian Electra uses they/them pronouns.

The album struck a core with me, being a part of the queer community as well. The term flamboyant has often had a negative connotation when describing a masculine position. The term in the definition is a person or behavior that attracts attention because of their confidence, stylishness, and exuberance. Although a positive as defined, the term has grown to become a hateful term used to describe gay men. The album plays with the idea of the definition and what it means to be a “man”. Through stereotypes, misconceptions and tense recognition of expectancy’s Electra brings a whole new perspective on the once hatefully bashful symbol. The track “Flamboyant” dives into the whole focal point of the album. Through vibrant imagery and glorious musical instrumentation, the song leaves a strong mark on pop music.

Check out “Flamboyant” by Dorian Electra Now!

“No I ain’t straight, but I’m going to say it straight to you. I look you in the face, every time I talk to you. I want to be clear and not convolute. I’ll say what I mean, I expect the same from you.”

Check out “Man to Man” by Dorian Electra Now!

With a mix of 80s pop vibes melted with an under of RnB, the track “Man to Man” tackles the relationship of same-sex. Through the theme of masculinity, the song proclaims the progressive motion of comfortability through sexuality. This song is my favorite on the album as “you got to let me in” lingers throughout the end of the song to show the need for vulnerability and self-honesty between two people. The video l, as well as the “flamboyant” video creates this enticing world of equality and epic love of queer culture. I grade the album a strong 8 ½ out of a strong 10. The album is needed in this always-evolving hemisphere. It is important to have artists such as Dorian Electra to break the social norms on what is “acceptable” in society. The songs on the album tend to sound a bit of the same as the album lingers on. However, if you want to have a good night out and dance the night away in a pool of love and compassion for all, Dorian Electra is your artist!

Photo: Shutterstock / Edited by: Martina Advaney

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