Music During Working from Home!

Working from home can be a daunting task these days. However, can music help improve work life and work efficiency? Here are Pros and cons surrounding listening to music during working from home!

During these troubling times of the pandemic, many careers and the workforce have moved into a more online-friendly forum, establishing more work-from-home capabilities. With this notion, it’s much more possible to throw on the headphones and indulge in the sounds of music while individuals produce daily work tasks.

Music is a special component of work as it engages the entire mind at once. Music can be an instant meditation tool as it creates a singular focus on completing projects and tasks. However, music can be a form of distraction if an individual enjoys breaking out into songs for a quick karaoke session. Here are key points to understand and consider before making music your perfect background for working at home!


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Pros of Music for Work-At-Home


  1. Boost of Creativity 

Many individuals develop a negative outlook on music during working hours based on the high-volume during consumption. This notion can be true as loud music could interfere with one’s creative process. However, ambient noise could enhance personal creativity as it encourages the mind to think in more abstract ways.


  1. Refined Work Approach 

According to, there can be discount traits an individual develops throughout the day. Pertaining to an individual’s fine motor skills and their ability to distinguish audio frequency differences, music can aid in refining the way individual works. For example, individual learning how to play an instrument has increased in both of these areas compared to an individual who’s te not learning an instrument as part of their duties.


  1. Increases and Maintain Energy Levels 

Individuals who listen to music throughout the day feel as if they have more energy left over compared to individuals that do not. Music can focus on negative things as the mind is stimulated based on the type of music heard. This notion could be the reason why people feel more energetic after listening to LMFAO or Katy Perry.


  1. Improves Visual Focus

Music has the strong ability to improve visual attention as classical music tends to be the best to listen to during working hours.


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Cons of Music for Work-From-Home


  1. Music Can be Distracting 

Inspirational and favorite music for an individual may cause a lack of focus and an increasing of daydreaming during work from home. For example, romantic music may cause music listener to change their focus and think about love. Listening to 90s music, maybe increase high levels of nostalgia. So, the individual must select the right music for creating an optimal working environment and minimize distractions to create efficiency.


  1. Too Much Stimulation 

Music can cause the mind to become too stimulated at times. As the varying form of information needs to be absorbed through understanding and other conventional methods, music can overstimulate an individual causing the information to be ignored instead of retained.


  1. The Damage of Hearing

Because individuals use loud music to block out additional noise distractions, high volume levels tend to be unhealthy. Research has produced that anything over 85 decibels could cause an individual physical pain and reduce their abilities to hear over time. Headphones used on high volume while working from home may be equivalent to over 100 decibels. as the average working hours per day is 8 hours, listening to music at this volume for 5 days per week can cause quickly accumulated damage.


  1. Becoming Forgetful 

If an individual is working from home while listening to music, it may not be a surprise to experience spells of memory loss. Forgetting an individual’s progress along with different tasks can be greatly affected by the implementation of music. Therefore, an individual must evaluate key points of projects and tasks before starting a music playlist to get through the day

So, the right music at the right volume can be very beneficial. Wrong music played at high volume can show negative outcomes while working from home. No matter what career an individual has, it is important to evaluate the key points before implementing music into their busy working day.



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