Music Can Repair the Mind

Do you ever wonder about the lives of others? Is it as difficult to wake up on these clouded days? Is it hard to find that glittery spark of motivation? Is everything clouded in anger or frustration? Music has the power and the key to unlock all of your worries and doubt. Music is a beacon of hope and a shoulder to cry on when needed the most. Through musical sounds, music can heal the mind. Here are some songs and playlists to help ease your mental frustration.

Can Music Really Repair Your Mind?

Each year the 10th of October is pinned down in the calendar for marking the World Mental Health Day. In this article, we will bring a musical perspective to the topic.

Yes, music heals and mental hygiene can be improved with proper musical care.

Mental health is such an important part of our lives.

Regarding mental health, one can have some serious trauma that sinks into the bloodstream and into the mind in a sneaky, sinister way. It affects our friendships, relationships, careers, and passion.

Through the foggy clouded midst of it all, music is always there to be your guide through with strength and exhaustion.

Growing up as a musician, you are told that you are more sensitive than other human specimens in the jungle we call various societies. It is in that mentality, where maybe musicians feel accustomed to that narrative.

Through the multiple walks of artistic life, that stereotype seems to follows them wherever they go. Are musicians in fact, more emotional than other?

Through my personal understanding artistic and creative individuals feel emotions much more intensely, and music for some, is the proper outlet to release it.

Musicians almost have a moral duty or inclination to express their emotional freedom through creative outlets that summon the artistic gods and relinquish the day for a better tomorrow.

Music is such a special part of an individual’s rapidly changing life.

According to music can heal mental areas such as depression, trauma and schizophrenia.

Music can serve as a healthy medium for processing emotions, as well as utilize and regulate calming effect to ease anxiety.

Through relieving musical outlets, one can find an organic medicine towards mental stability and health.


Anxiety Playlist

When one is needing a break from the constant or reactive emotional stress that is anxiety, one needs relaxing tones to cleanse the body of any negative outbreaks.

Artists such as “LANY” and “The 1975” give you the mellow yet musical intricate vibe you needed to ease the mind of all thing’s anxiety.

Listen to “LANY” now!


Throughout the past years, YouTube has managed to compile various artists and songs into YouTube music playlists.

Nice Guys YouTube Channel comes in handy for a mentally relaxing atmosphere, paired with a pool of extraordinary artists to add on your epic playlists.

I find that the sun comes out on a cloudy day with this playlist.

It allows me to relax and lay into my contentment through intricate waves on symphonic melodies and chill imagery surf rock scenery.

According to Wikipedia “Surf Rock” is associated with the Southern Californian surfer culture, which gained popularity from 1962-1964.

We talked about surf rock in the review on a beautiful Arc Iris!

With guitar as a prominent figure in surfer culture and rock, the overall distinction with this genre is that there is always an underline embodiment of waves and ocean movement.

For someone like myself, who comes from the beach life of California, it is so soothing and hopeful.

There is nothing better than to just throw your cares away and feel the massaging warmth of the sand.

Check out the 24/7 Nice guys Chill FM channel on YouTube Now!


Another musical outlet comes in a form similar to the Nice Guys chill music playlist.

Lo-Fi professional ChilledCow gives another meaning to chilled mentally relaxing waves of soothing melodies.

According to Wikipedia, Lo-Fi is a music element or production that lives on the ideal of imperfection.

Referred and popularized in the 1990s, Lo-Fi was a “do it yourself” musical outlet, that evolved throughout the years as this smooth, chill alternative (almost hip-hop psychedelic) vibes that can relieve the soul.

Through this 24/7 playlist, someone like why myself, can enjoy the chilling sounds of soft experimentation.

It is through this sort of outlet, where one can feel at ease with their mental internal struggles and begin to take the organic steps to mental freedom and control.

Check out the ChilledCow playlist Now!


Depression Playlist

Depression can pull a person into such a dark corner of insecurities and uncontrollable sadness, that music can be used as the marvelous superhero, defeating the monstrous villain.

When I am crushed upon the shore by the all-mighty waves, one can venture into the valley of the past with artists such as “Queen” or “Bob Dylan” which can give you a dose of positivity in form of music appreciation.

Through my dark hours, I enjoy a heavy dose of “Queen” and there very dynamic lyrics paired with monumental talent.

Listen to “Don’t Stop My Now” by “Queen” Now!


Presented by Power Thought Emotion Club, the musically lethargic YouTube channel, gives listeners and viewers a true escape for mental haziness, comes in the form of seven to eight-hour videos that sinks into your emotional sub cranium, which will positively support proper mental health stability.

Through this outlet of peace, one can relieve stress and the inner troubles one can face.

I have used this channel frequently especially when it is time to rest my interesting body. As the sounds sink deeply into my ears, I can feel the intense relaxation and the overall understanding of peace puts me into an enchanting spell of sleep.

I would highly suggest this playlist after a warm cozy bath (or shower) as you climb into bed your vivid dreams and mental excursions.

Listen to Power Thought Emotion Club Now!


Mental health is something we all encounter.

Through the craziness of life, it is important to keep your mental health an important part of your daily routine and life.

Let us just live our lives to the best of our ability and strive to emerge ourselves into a sea of love and positive futures.

Don’t be afraid of the worries of today, let’s just inhale and exhale the anxiety-driven thickness, and ease that foggy state with pure joy.

You are in control of your reality. You are in control of the life you are destined to live.

Photos: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney

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Music Therapy – Exploring the Link between Mental Health and Music

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