Music Apps for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough but music can be a great way to connect. Here are the best apps for you to try.

As many individuals understand throughout their lives, no relationship is easy to maintain. Given the current COVID-19 atmosphere, many couples were forced into separation or long distance relationships (LDR). 

Long distance relationships can be especially difficult. According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, around 14 million couples define their connection as long distance relationships as opportunities, and fluctuations of the economy force millennials to venture into international settings for better employment. 

However, with the extreme advancements of technology, LDR couples are finding creative ways to stay connected. 

Although there has been a tremendous evolution in the area of long-distance relationships, it is still no easy endeavour. Much of LDR requires more work than in-person relationships, and more future planning compared to “let’s see how things go” relationships. 

A recent survey surrounding long distance relationships conducted by KIIROO concluded that LDR had only a 58% success rate, with severe challenges including lack of physical intimacy, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and creating a sense of growing apart. 

These elements are incredibly hard to manage even when living nearby, but every mile apart seems to add to the trouble, until a couple questions their relationship and the worthiness of daily heartache and love stress caused by distance. 

The survey however additionally adds that 50% of respondents said that their time apart actually made them feel closer to their partner in the long run. Many couples find that they grow more comfortable with themselves as individuals due to their forced independence so that once they finally reunite with their significant other, the relationship is stronger, more promising, and prone to much healthier outcomes. 

Music has expressed these heavy emotions of LDR for centuries. As music has many benefits including aiding anxiety and boosting motivation and self-awareness, music can be used as a tool to help LDR survive. 

With the power of music and as the world comes more and more digitally accessible, here are a few tools LDR can use to keep their relationships alive! 



JQBX is a free music streaming app for iPhones and Android phones. This music app allows listeners to listen to music with their friends, family, and loved ones apart. 

The features include the ability to listen together no matter the distance, share a live video and or audio while enjoying the music created on the shared playlist, and even create a public music room to share to the world your LDR playlist! 

An important factor is that listeners must have Spotify Premium to use the app. 



Very similar to JQBX, Vertigo uses an adjacent concept in which you can use this app free with Spotify Premium. 

However, the difference is that Apple Music subscribers can use the app as well! Vertigo’s feature allows listeners to sync songs so that multiple listeners can stream on a private channel. 

This app allows music listeners to become personal DJs as one can create a public channel or party for other people to listen along to. 



As the pandemic stretched out throughout a year, and physical separation became highly apparent, many individuals, especially LDR began using Discord. 

Although it takes a bit of time and energy to set up, Discord is a free popular app that surrounds the gaming community and does not require any premium subscriptions. Within the program, users can create their servers and invite friends and loved ones over. 

Then, users can select a music bot with pre-set genres or shared songs from SoundCloud or YouTube. With less management than Vertigo and JQBX, Discord is easy to use and can be easy to enjoy. 



Quorus is a simple app that lets users to create music playlists together with LDR or even random strangers. 

Similar to all the various LDR-friendly music apps, users can invite music listeners to create a private and or unique playlist while enjoying it at the same time regardless of area. 

This app is free for Spotify users without premium but comes with limitations. This app is also available on the App Store and Google Play! 

This streaming app is known to be much simplified than JQBX and Vertigo, which is perfect for the non-technologically impaired LDR couples! 


Twitch Music 

Twitch music has also become a popular app during the hardships of the lockdown and pandemic endeavours. 

According to, Twitch music lets users share music with private listeners or audiences but requires that the user have ownership and rights to play the musical tracks. 

In certain apps such as YouTube, YouTube Music takes care of the copyright laws for the app. 

However, if one is a partner of a musician in an LDR, Twitch Music can bring your lover exposure along with creating personal playlists to listen to shared music from a global perspective. 



With the wide global popularity of YouTube, LDR can be able to watch YouTube music videos through the app Watch2Gether. This website works without registration and requires no installation. 

This mobile or desktop allows users to create private rooms, share invitations with friends and or LDR couples, select YouTube videos to watch together, along with sending comments, GIFs, and other interactive material through a lively Chat option. This website is a favourite of mine and my LDR. 

So, no matter the distance music can be used to bring people and lovers together. 

Using these apps along with other LDR-friendly apps, allows connection to thrive and continue to flourish through the world of music sharing applications. 

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