4 Interesting Movies Featuring Part Time Jobs

Summer is approaching, and comedies are classic summer fare. Today‘s comedies are from the part time job genre – movies featuring characters who have voluntarily, or not so voluntarily, accepted the idea of working through the summer. Sit back and enjoy funny, light summer entertainment.


In a movie set in the 1980s, James just graduated from the University and is ready to take off on a trip around Europe. But … there is an economic recession going on in America, and the family decides at the last moment that there won’t be money for his trip. What is worse, James has to take a summer job. As it turns out, he seems not to be qualified for most of the available jobs until he finally ends up in … Adventureland … and the best summer yet is about to begin.


Yes, first of all, this movie is about cooking, about the dream of an unrecognized chef to run his own business. But, when you look closer, you will also see a great kid who is going to experience his best summer job in his father’s kitchen. A ten-year-old boy who not only helps in the kitchen, but also professionally promotes the business on social media, to great success. Get ready for a great comedy with a star cast, loads of mouth watering food, perfect timing, nice gags, and catchy Latin music – absolutely worth watching.

The Way Way Back

Duncan is 14 years old, going on a vacation with his mother and her absolutely annoying boyfriend. It looks like a vacation to suffer through until Duncan gets friendly with the manager of the local waterpark and secretely starts working there. Duncan’s life with his newly formed friendship suddenly starts going off in new directions, and for Duncan it is going to be an unforgettable holiday.

The Intern

Retired 70-year-old widower Ben (Robert De Niro) accepts an experimental internship position in a fashion e-shop established and run by Jules Ostin. A fresh, crisply written comedy about the older generation encountering the young and what it brings. Experiences never get old.

Photo: IMDB

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