One ‘Invisible’ Story You Should Know about

I don't know whether or not you have seen ‘The Invisible Man’, but you should be warned that this article reveals information and facts that could be spoilers, even though I've tried to avoid it, while talking about the sharp edges of the movie.

The main truth about One Invisible Story

Truthfully, we couldn’t find any other crew better equipped to make a movie like this.As is true with any other professional field, cinematography consists of signs and iconic beacons that force our expectations to grow as we explore the cast and crew.

For instance, as soon as Tarantino acts as a producer, we expect an action movie with gunfighting and a dramatically developing story.

Whereas while considering a James Wang horror film we expect mysticism, other worlds, exorcism based on real events. And we always know that sweaty palms are assured.

Meanwhile, many common horror movies have been produced by:

  • the Blumhouse studio, which presents itself as sponsor of low- budget movies,
  • and James Wang has been in collaboration with another genial Ozzie – Leigh Whannell.

To be clear, they’ve been working together since the start of everyone`s career, building the world of thrillers and horror stories that we have known.  

Wang-Whannell’s signature tandem

Whannell created the scripts for several parts of `Insidious` and `Aquaman`, wrote Saw and even starred in it (if you remember his protagonist, photographer Adam Stanheight).

I like the creative tandem of Wang-Whannell working with a full heart and absolutely adore watching the results.

Moreover, Leigh’s handwriting, never inferior to the concepts of the horror genre, exceeds all expectations from what assumed when you saw  cast and crew` initially.

Probably, now that my journalistic objectivity has disappeared, I can note that in choosing Elisabeth Moss as the lead actress, he had an ace up his sleeve and made a killing in the shortest possible time after the story was premiered. 

A new take on an old story

Movie`The Invisible Man` was based on the eponymous novel by Herbert Wells, originally serialized in 1897. Besides the plot, this was certainly a new style in which the image of the groundbreaking optical innovator belonged to Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen).


From The Invisible Man
From The Invisible Man


As his brother, Tom Griffin (Michael Dorman), has said, his genius is not in his mind and inventions, but in his fantastic ability to see a person’s weaknesses.

Actually, he used it. The main role was given to Elisabeth Moss, who played a victim. Adrian’s girlfriend, Cecilia Cass, who broke free from her boyfriend’s mental prison and hid at her friend`s home. police officer James Lanier (Aldis Hodge).

For sure, the title ‘Invisible Man is a reference to previous versions. But Leigh has gone deep and composed most of the psychological aspects such as:

  • pressure,
  • post traumatic effects,
  • rough reality
  • and illusions

He created a brand new story about the other side – the women of the gifted Griffin.

However, according to contemporary progressives, it’s not difficult to call this a fantastic movie. To assess briefly, the rapidly developing fields of genetics and artificial intelligence, then the question of teleportation and inter-temporal surfing will soon become trivial abilities.

Probably, the new diagnosis of “teleportation abusivity” may appear in psychology, and then it will be necessary to expand the boundaries of consciousness, change the concepts of obsession, and finally, sort out who is persecuting someone and who should be considered as one with paranoid thoughts.

Leading up to a perfect finale

Adrian was driven to dominate, even his dog had an electric collar. He controlled all the actions of his girlfriend, controlled his brother, and controlled the whole world by his inventions.


Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson
Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson


Once Cecilia`s escape destroyed the walls of his rude fortress and led to his carefully planned suicide, he decided to destroy the life of Ci.

From this point you can divide the script into four parts. The first shows Cecilia’s escape and post-traumatic hallucinations, painful memories. And the first impairment in her mental state, which you will most associate with the footprints of the past.

But the game has already begun. The second part is real, but only for Cecilia. The appearance of the substance of Adrian and an attempt to convince her that she is going crazy and bring her back.

Her personal struggle is not only with obsessive thoughts. But also with reality, with the world and with people.

After all, outlaw things happened, and several dead victims appeared in the film.

The third part is a literal fight, where Ci got lucky, as “pseudo – Adrian”. He appears in the police department, for medical staff and her friend James.

And in the fourth, most important, she finally felt really free, creating a perfect finale

On the relationships between people, reality and unreality

 As long as people exist, there always will be a place for extremes:

  • love tyranny,
  • crazy experiments,
  • manipulation
  • and sacrificial relationships.

And no matter how many technological revolutions happen, people will always be people.

The main focus of the film is on the relationships between people, reality, and unreality. There is a place for a chic house near the shore and an isolated laboratory in the basement. But this does not overshadow the plot lines and acts as an addition to the main events.

There are many unexpected turns, much more than you would expect from the trailer  and reviews. This film holds your attention from the first minute. Thriller, fiction, a mix of the mental and the physical.

It’s also defined as a horror movie, but these horrors are drawn from real life.

And in all likelihood, talking about them as dramatic would not attract as much attention as would a typical psychological thriller, produced by Blumhouse.

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