Most Spoken Languages in the world

Our world has about 6,500 languages and about one third of them are spoken by a tiny population of less than 1000. On the other hand let’s see which are the most widely spoken languages. English? Yes and no. Find out in our info graphic.

By the number of native speakers: 

By countries

English 59 countries, among which are: United States, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines and United Kingdom…

French  29 countries, among which are: France, DRC, Canada, Madagascar…

Arabic   26 countries, among which are: Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia…

Spanish  21 countries, among which are: Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina……

Portuguese 9 countries, among which are: Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola…..

German 6 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein

If you want to learn languages by your own, you can find it more here.

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