Most Affordable Universities In Canada

Having completed our series of articles on university cities in Canada covering the regions of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, we conclude with the cheapest universities in the country for foreign students.

Most Economical Universities in Canada

Brandon University
Established in Brandon city in the province of Manitoba the average fees at the university is 9000 Canadian dollars. Manitoba is what those who love nature dream about. The province has more than a hundred thousand lakes and waterbodies, forests and facilities for skiing. That is not to say that it’s a lonely life. On the contrary, Brandon crawls with international students, has theatres, golf at affordable prices, museums and the usual cafes which are a favourite haunt with students.

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Universite de Saint-Bonifac
To study in this university you must have a good knowledge of French. Not far from the city of Winnipeg the university offers courses in French language only. It is a popular destination for international students and the locals are down to earth and welcoming. The city is situated where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet and is covered in snow, about one third of the year and has the distinction of being the second coldest city in the world. The authorities in the city do a fair bit in terms of organizing events especially during the winter months to keep its inhabitants peppy. The city also has the longest natural ice skating rink in the world. At this university as well you would be paying around 9000 Canadian dollars towards your tuition.

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University of Guelph
The university is in the city of Guelph on the province of Ontario. With fees ranging around 12,000 Canadian dollars it automatically is among the preferred choices for international students. Since the city is not too far from Toronto, about 100 kilometres, students often travel down to spend a weekend. The people are friendly and since the city is quite small you stand a good chance running into your friends and acquaintances on a day out.

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Canadian Mennonite University
also in Winnipeg is a popular choice among international students with the fees at approximately 13,000 Canadian dollars.

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Polar bears in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada

Most of the above institutions reserve fairly large slots for international students. The cost of living in all of the above cities is appreciably lower than in many parts of Canada. You will need around 1,400 Canadian dollars per month inclusive of shared accommodations in addition to your fees to get by.

The University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

About Canada

Canada appears to be the only country in the developed world that is keeping pace with its need for young immigrants so that their economy remains supported. International students form a fairly large chunk of the immigrant population since they are encouraged to find part time work during their years of study and full time work once they qualify. The courses and the method of conducting the courses is such that it makes it easier for the students to fit into the world of commerce and industry. Unlike some of the countries where international students end up doing menial work well below what they qualify for, in Canada most students find work commensurate with their qualifications and blend into the society quite easily since it is multi ethnic in most parts of the country. Importantly, applying for residency, both temporary and permanent is a much less cumbersome and a dignified process. A vast number eventually end up as citizens. Interestingly, even though the universities we have discussed in this article are in the smaller cities, these very cities enjoy a high employment rate.

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