Morocco, A North African Treasure


Today traveling has become easier and more accessible than ever. Each year, thousands of cities around the world receive millions of tourists whose only goal is to go on an adventure, discover new places, try new dishes, and get a taste of a foreign lifestyle. Many of these tourists opt for exotic destinations that would fill them with tastes, colors, and often a lot of sunshine. Morocco, a country in North Africa bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is an exotic destination par excellence. Youth Time would like to invite you to three of the most visited Moroccan cities: Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir, and give you the reasons why you should visit these cities at least once.




Marrakech can be considered as the first and biggest touristic hub of Morocco. During the summer, this city is an entertainment factory with thousands of visitors coming from all over the world, particularly Europe. It lies some 250 km south of Casablanca, Morocco’s biggest city, and it situated 170 km off the Atlantic coast. The brick-red color dominates the city and gives it an authentic local charm that is hard to find elsewhere. During the day, museums and art galleries welcome hundreds of visitors who usually come in groups to learn about the city’s history, cultural and architectural heritage and local Moroccan Islamic art. At night, Marrakech is a sleepless city. Traffic almost never stops and people are always looking for the best cafés, restaurants and bars to sip some Moroccan mint tea, enjoy a spicy Moroccan Tagine and later at night, go for a drink with friends. The enchanting fusion of traditional North African style and a Western European touch make this city a wonderful vacation spot for anyone.






Formerly known as Mogador, this place is a dream city. Amazing Atlantic coast beaches, delicious local food, amazing views of the old port and the ocean, and a rare hippy style reflecting a unique artistry and a vibrant culture that reflects the city’s colorful history. Essaouira is not a big city, with almost 75,000 inhabitants, it’s the perfect place for relaxation and peace of mind. The medina, which is located in the heart of Essaouira, is a real maze. A maze in which you are lost between little shops displaying all kinds of souvenirs and handicrafts, traditional Berber cafés, restaurants, and a thousand colors, smells and beats all mixed together into a beautiful joyful atmosphere that hypnotizes the visitors and makes them want to stay forever. The city is also full of marvelous calligraphy, pottery, and architecture that you could see almost everywhere while sightseeing.






No place in Morocco is like Agadir. This city charms all visitors and makes them want to come back. With more than 400,000 inhabitants, Agadir is one of the biggest cities of Morocco and one of the most visited touristic spots in the country. From sunbathing to swimming, eating local sea food to drinking in the city’s many bars, surfing to shopping and sightseeing, this city certainly knows how to please and entertain the tourists. Agadir has an international airport with many flights connecting the city to a number of European countries, making it a very reachable place, not to mention the numerous bus lines that link this city to almost anywhere in Morocco. The clean sandy beaches, the nearby Sahara desert and the Berber atmosphere make this exotic place a haven of relaxation, fun and beauty, impossible to miss.




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