The Most Important About Mobile World Congress 2015

It features a conference program to provide an essential, in-depth coverage of the contemporary and future mobile industry, highlighting specific areas of growth and opportunity. The conference program continued to be a central focus for the event, challenging and educating delegates while covering the latest technological developments, next generation services and growth strategies.

Another important part of the event is a cutting-edge product and technology exhibition featuring more than 1,900 exhibitors. And for those who are interested in mobile applications, the App Planet is a place to be.

The App Planet exhibition showcased more than 200 app-focused progressive exhibitors in the areas of apps, gadgets, devices and technology in the mobile ecosystem. The App Planet networking platform is a place for the app development community to connect, network and develop on the edge of innovation.

Mashable, the leading source for news on technology, published a list of “10 best things we saw at Mobile World Congress”.

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