Meet Young Photographers – Ljubica Nikolin

"I am someone who likes to explore and meet the unknown. I started a new life in Slovakia 2 years ago, and there were a lot of opportunities to explore a new space. For me photography is something like a lifestyle, and since I am an emotional person and I tried for a long time to find a way to physically capture beautiful moments. I started with the place where I live, Slovakia." Ljubica Nikolin

Bee's path through flowers, Ljubica Nikolin
Bee’s path through flowers
Hardworking ants, Ljubica Nikolin
Hardworking ants
Look on leaves, Ljubica Nikolin
Look on leaves
Reeds and a lake, Ljubica Nikolin
Reeds and a lake
Way to the distance, Ljubica Nikolin
Way to the distance
Ljubica Nikolin
While I am waiting for him to come across the lake, I am swimming
Wind in the ear
Wind in the ear
Nature against man, Ljubica Nikolin
Nature against man
On the flower path, Ljubica Nikolin
On the flower path


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Photos – personal archive of Ljubica Nikolin.

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