Meat Meals And Their Vegetarian Versions

Vegetarian burger

Hamburger, as much as it doesn’t seem to be, is one of the most replicated meat-based meals, by vegetarians.

An example of a vegetarian burger can be found here.


Vegetarian “meatballs”

Vegetarian “meatballs” as the title says, might pose a challenge. Nevertheless, meatball can be not only vegetarian but also variable if vegetarian.

An example of a vegetarian “meatballs” can be found here.


Shepherd’s pie

Shepherd’s pie is literally offering to be a vegetarian version, therefore here is an example of vegetarian Shepherd’s pie.


The casserole is another rewarding meal that can be turned into a vegetarian dish, if you just don´t fancy meat. Here is an example.

29 best recipes can be found here.

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