Marketing Strategy for Small Business

In the previous article, we started looking at a variety of tips and tricks to help you think more creatively about marketing your business. Here, we are continuing with a few more to use as inspiration while you develop your strategic marketing plan.

Build An Impeccable Brand

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a global conglomerate, your brand is the bread and butter of your business. In this digital age, we’re so inundated with information. It can be difficult to make your voice heard with all the noise. Branding helps differentiate your product or business from everything else in the market.

It’s the way you are recognized and remembered for your actions, expertise, and the emotional connections you make.

Many people think that a brand is just another word for the ‘logo’ of a business. But a brand is much more than a logo, website, or color palette. The brand of a product, company, or person is basically a sum of the thoughts and feelings that thing incites in the hearts and minds of others.

Marketing Strategy for a Small Business
Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

It’s all about creating a unique way of communicating with your audience. What sort of language do you use to communicate with your customers or clients? What are the characteristics, strengths, values, and goals which represent your business?

And, how can you reflect all of these things through your website, social media accounts, and marketing campaigns? What are your top three favorite brands in your industry and what are they doing right?


Keep Up With The Kardashians

Yes, you read that right. The Kardashians are queens of shameless self promotion.

People all over the world are absolutely captivated and intrigued by them. And, it has less to do with their talent (or lack thereof) but more to do with the fact that they are masters of the art of personal branding. They have each built a highly successful career by being themselves and leveraging the power of social media.

Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the clan, released a shocking viral “music” video to promote her line of lip kits which has over 7 million views on youtube and counting.

Marketing strategy of Kardashians

Each new shade of lipstick and lip gloss she releases on her website sells out within minutes, leaving her fans clamoring over how to get their hands on the next big thing. She and her sisters have built an entire empire of cosmetics, hair products, books, games, reality shows, and clothing just by tapping into an aspirational demographic of young women.

We no longer have to wait for the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to find out what’s happening in their glamorous world. They’re constantly sharing little glimpses into their lives not only through the highly viewed reality show (which is going into its 12th season), but through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

The more they give us, the more we want and young women all over the world are buying anything they’re selling.

How can you use social media to bring your customers deeper into your world?


Get Into That Green Life

It’s super cool to be super sustainable right now. It is definitely the way of the future. Green products, services, and behaviors are better for our businesses, consumers, and the planet. Over ninety percent of global consumers want to see their favorite brands take a stand to rectify the world’s most defining social and environmental issues.

If your brand isn’t thinking about how you can employ ethical and sustainable business practices, you are already behind in the game.

The trick is to figure out how sustainability can give your consumers more. Most sustainability marketing today only sells sustainability. But that only takes you so far. Successful green businesses offer their customers more than just a quick way to feel good or less guilty about the impact they have on the world. They are offering everything the non-eco brands are offering.

What strategies will you use to make your business more sustainable/ethical? How will you communicate these things to your customers or clients?

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