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This Swedish university which is ranked well within the top 100 in the world offers free online courses. These free online courses are all taught in English. The university is known for its personalized approach and it is interesting to note that they have an average of one staff member for every five students.

Lund University - Free Online Courses
Free Online Courses at Lund University

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Online Free Courses: While those opting for online courses cannot really expect personalized attention, it can easily be said that the courses are well thought out by Lund University.

Here are some of the more interesting courses we found:

  • Greening the Economy – Lessons and Experiences from Scandinavia
    As we are all aware Scandinavia has led the way not only towards reforestation but also in several areas of greening the environment. This course has been devised by their International Institute for Industrial Engineering and Economics.

The university has two more courses on greening the economy, Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Materials Management.

  • European Business Law – Understanding the Fundamentals
    There are many who are interested in doing business with Europe and they would find the course well worth it.

In addition to the above, they have other courses titled Doing Business in Europe and Competing in Europe that are useful.

For a comprehensive list of courses we would recommend that you visit.

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