Low Budget? Not A Problem – How You Can Improve Your Home With Little Investment

Once in a while, there comes the desire to create some refreshing changes in your home. Even though the financial situation may not correspond with our wishes, there are some tricks on how to manage a lot on relatively less. Check it out.

A few brush strokes can make dramatic changes. You don’t have to be a Picasso to paint a wall or accentuate it in contrasting colours. The possibilities are many. The final paint can be magnetic or allow for use as a blackboard. Here you can put up notes or even draw pictures with a chalk.

Black board can be magnetic

Knowing a handicraft technique is a plus, of course. If you know knitting, embroidering, stitching or crocheting then you can create original pieces for your home.

Knitted blanket and pillows
Crochet stools
Woven seater

We all change clothes according to the season, so why not have couple of sets of curtains, cushions, tablecloths or even tea towels to give your home the right atmosphere. For example, a floral look on the curtain feels super fresh during spring or summer but doesn’t really feel the same during winter.

The curtains of different patterns

Older pieces of furniture can easily get a face lift.

Reconstruction of furniture
And there is so much more – DIY lights

Author: Martina Advaney
Photos: Shutterstock

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