Look What Projected Lights Can Do With An Ordinary Forest (VIDEO)

These days we mostly see three-dimensional projections created to add amazing visual effects on flat surfaces such as walls of buildings or basketball courts. Can you do the same in wild nature though, where order has not settled in?

Photographer Tarek Mavadat and animator Fred Van Schoorl take a walk in the forest and see what they can with an unconventional canvas and results look like they came out of your favourite fairytale. The video, entitled “Projections in the woods”, took six weeks to be made. Both artists lit up different objects of nature and shot them with a high-tech camera.

Nature itself was what inspired the two men. It was the luminous jellyfish and microscopic organism that light up the ocean at night. Their idea was to give a sense of movement even in static objects such as trees and mushrooms. It’s a perfect way to view the wilderness in a whole new way while never disrupting its peaceful existence.

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