Locked Between The Andes And The Pacific – Chile Offers A Magical Experience

With Andes to the east and the Pacific to the west, this is one magnificent country. Name it and this country located in South America, has it. The mountains, the ocean, volcanoes, desert, monuments,wildlife, beaches and even Antarctic territory. You can spend a year in Chile and yet not know all of it.

After declaring independence from the Spanish colonization the country has progressed to become one of the most prosperous nations in the world, mainly due to good management of it’s rich natural resources, especially copper, sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate.

What can one say about the government campaign for tourism “All Ways Surprising” except that it’s most apt. This is a country of unbelievable natural beauty full of contrasts and is surprising in every form of the word. 

The capital Santiago is also the largest city of Chile. From the modern parts to the city square Plaza de Armas and close by is an amazing fish and vegetable market, which is a great place to observe local culture.

Valparaiso is inhabited by the lower socio-economic strata and is visited by many tourists, as well. For safety reasons visitors should stay within the touristic areas. Valparaiso though offers an interesting insight into a city for its artistic side. Among others Pablo Neruda – the Nobel Prize for Literature holder lived here.


Santiago de Chile

Plaza de Armas

View of Santiago with the peaks of Andes in the background

University of Chile in Santiago with its common sight – protest´s banners.

Student´s protests in the streets of Santiago

Center of Santiago

Santa Lucia Park with its fortress that offers a beautiful view of the city. Santa Lucia Park is reachable within 10 – 15 minutes from the main square.

La Serena

Isla Damas 

Penguins in Isla Damas Nature Reserve

Penguins in Isla Damas Nature Reserve

Penguins in Isla Damas Nature Reserve

Seals in Isla Damas Nature Reserve 

Isla Damas at sunset

Viña de Mar coastline

Aerial view of Andes

Pichilemu coastline

Photos: Dana xbone Hosova

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