Loan Сompany Forced To Repay Millions Because It Was Overcharging Students


We’ve highlighted some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events.

Loan company forced to repay millions because it was overcharging students



A government-owned company has had to hand back more than £225 million to students who took their loans. More than 300,000 graduates have received refunds over the past five years. Students in England are among those who have the highest amount of student debt in the entire world. Graduates usually owe around £45,000 by the time they receive their degrees. The current situation is a result of payments taken by the Student Loan Company for loans that had already been paid off. Some students have been charged by the company despite earning below the annual repayment threshold. Loan repayments are being collected through the tax system, which is updated once a year, and the entire issue has been blamed on this fact. The government has been called out to take the necessary steps to resolve this problem.

Hello sir, would you maybe like to apologize?




A new and completely free internet service for those who want to apologize to their loved ones has been launched under the name “Ask for Forgiveness” by a group of 26 volunteer doctors, engineers, and civil servants in the city of Eskişehir, Turkey. One of the volunteers says their only goal is to teach people to ask for forgiveness. In the four months, since it was launched, the service has helped over 10,000 people more or less successfully, and many of these people have managed to overcome resentment they have felt for years. The phone numbers of the service can be found on its official Facebook page “Eskişehir Özür Dileme Servisi”, Instagram or Twitter.

The biggest marine park declared in the Antarctic Ocean



A total area of 1.55 million square kilometers will be used to establish the biggest marine park in the world, according to an agreement reached by 24 countries and the EU. After years of negotiation in the face of Russia’s long-held opposition, this protected area will finally be established in the Ross Sea. This region is home to many species including penguins, whales, and seabirds. It will be protected from commercial fishing for 35 years. 

International China Studies Symposium started in Beijing



The 2016 Symposium on China Studies opened on Monday in Beijing. The five-day symposium, hosted by China’s Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is held annually, and this is its fourth year. Thirty-one senior Sinologists from 26 countries and 17 Chinese scholars will be provided with a professional platform to discuss topics on the “Belt and Road” initiative, art and history, and to exchange ideas on China studies.






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