“Like A Pro” Online Product Management Workshop

Like A Pro is an online workshop on product management for civil society activists that will take place online on 9-26 November 2020 in Russian. Activists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia are welcome to apply. The deadline is on 25 October 2020.

Like a Pro, from Prague Civil Society, is an online workshop bringing together civil society activists with experienced product managers who will help them to improve a tool they are already using to communicate with their audience. It can be a website, chatbot, training course, app, etc. The language of communication of the workshop is Russian, but products can be in any language.

The workshop is designed for civil society activists who care about the real needs of their target audience. Rather than taking a top-down approach, they want to learn from their constituents and refine their products by testing assumptions and improving their offer accordingly. The main topics of the workshop include strategies for focusing on customer needs, formulating a hypothesis about how your product will fill a need and measuring success, generating ideas and choosing solutions, prototyping, and product testing. Applicants should already have a functioning product they want to work on during the workshop. Participants will need to allocate approximately four hours per day Monday-Thursday between November 9 and November 26 with 48 hours of total required attendance.

The deadline is on 25 October 2020.


Main criteria

Activists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia are welcome to apply. Homework will be assigned for completion outside of the workshop sessions. Each task will require approximately one hour to complete. If a participant is absent for the third time or fails to submit homework, he or she will be removed from the program.

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