Life Is A Journey – Films And Pilgrimage

Walking the Camino: Six ways to Santiago 

A Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela has become a popular journey for people of various backgrounds and persuasions, and also the reasons for completing it. This documentary brings into focus different views at the end and pitfalls that occur on the 500-mile-long trek.


The Way 

Santiago de Compostela once again, this time from an entirely different perspective. An inspirational story of a father who journeys to France to collect the remains of his son, who died on the way to Santiago.  His spontaneous decision to complete the journey in place of his son and dedicate it to him quite understandably leaves an important impact on the life of an established Californian doctor.

Eat, Pray, Love 

Julia Roberts in a movie about the personal transformation of the main character – Liz Gilbert – who decides to give up her troubled life, burdened with an ongoing divorce, and give herself a holiday. A holiday that eventually grows into a life-changing experience.

Seven Years in Tibet 

A film that needs no introduction, and yet worth watching for a second or third time. Based on the true story of a rare and longlasting friendship that was formed against a backdrop of revolution and war. A journey that started with a determination to conquer the highest slopes of the Himalayan mountain called Nanga Parba and led to and unusual meeting with the Dalai Lama and the deep internal transformation of the lead character, Heinrich Harrer.

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

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