Last Summer Weekend Movies: Tips

Officially headed for the last weekend of summer and for those of you who would like to spend relaxing evenings at home, here our our tips.

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Midnight Express

Quite an atmosphere that’s been created in this film made in the 70’s. An American student gets arrested at the airport in Istanbul for attempting to smuggle out a relatively small quantity of Hashish.

His trials and tribulations that follow are heartbreaking and at the same time gripping.

Wath this movie here.



This is a Hindi movie that takes us into the life of a student who’s the son of an abusive and alcoholic dominating father.

The environs of the damaged family that have been created and the performances are engrossing right through and you actually feel for the son who is being forced into becoming an engineer and you want him to break free.

Discover more here.



Many films have been made under this name. This one in particular feels like a low budget, excellently made film that deals with how the decision was taken by the Nazis about the elimination of the Jews.

It shows the senior members of the Nazi party meeting over wine and a meal like they might be attending an innocuous conference.

Each frame is interesting and holds your attention.

About this move find more here.


The Departed

Jack Nicholson always seems to excel himself. In this particular film, apart from Jack Nicholson, Vera Farmiga, Martin Sheen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alec Baldwin and Matt Damon have all done an excellent job.

The subject of the film is the Mafia planting a mole in the police force and the police force doing the same. and the tragedies it lead to. A job well done.

Watch it here.

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This was all about the last summer weekend movies, read more about more tips here.

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