Land Your Next Job With A Video Selfie


Stockholm-based startup, SelfieJobs is revolutionizing the way we search and apply for jobs. Their employment app lets job seekers create short video pitches which enable them to promote themselves in a new and innovative way. Their goal is to simplify the job search process while making it more fun and rewarding. It also gives companies a place to find social and service minded talent.

SelfieJobs (IOS and Android) enables job seekers to express their personality and “speak” their CV with a videopitch. Users can then apply for jobs with a “swipe” or “like”. The company wants to make it as simple to post up a CV or job-ad as using Tinder, Airbnb or Snapchat. By letting people ‘Apply with a Like’, the app simplifies recruitment for both parties.

This is just one innovative idea that is redefining the future of work, a growing number of trends investigating the evolving dynamics of the workplace. We are moving into a more flexible, more freelance and more collaborative work world. Not only are jobs changing but also the way that we apply for them.

With SelfieJobs, potential employees get the chance to instantly apply for up to 30 jobs per day instead of filling out long, complicated applications. Employers can create cost-effective job advertisements in a matter of minutes and gain instant access to potential employees. Job seekers can create a short video pitch and a compressed CV with a few bullet points about their education and work history along with pictures. This process takes around two minutes and they can quickly share their creation via social media.

This app caters primarily to Millennials who are interested in careers in the sales and service industries but are frustrated by the current methods of applying for jobs. Posting a CV and applying for a job is now as easy as using Tinder or Snapchat. Another cool feature enables jobseekers to see commuter travel time when applying for jobs thereby making smart green applications possible. 

But, is there a danger is swiping for jobs in the same way you swipe for dates? And, what does this mean for employers? Are we moving into an age where personality trumps experience? For Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a professor of business psychology at University College London, who has written previously about society’s “crisis of attentiveness”, the swipe format is just another symptom of the age we are living in.

Swiping in itself is not addictive,” he says. “But interacting in an effortless way with technology, and getting an instant reward (being liked or moving on to someone/something else you may like) is. We have become very impulsive and impatient.” However, In our quest for instant gratification, do we lose out on the thoughfulness that is required when doing important things like dating and applying for a job.

We believe that if we can reduce the barriers between companies and job-seekers new jobs and internships will be created across Europe” the company stated. “It should be simple to establish a first contact, just like in real life!” SelfieJobs also has plans to expand to the U.S.

This app is an example of an emerging trend towards brands catering to our individuality. It is also simplifying one of the most overwhelming and mundane processes we experience in our every day lives. By leveraging the power of a generation of digital natives, this app is disrupting the otherwise conservative recruitment industry.

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