Lack of Resources for New Zealand Universities to Cope with Mental Health Support

In this week’s news we speak about cancelation of evening lectures in Hong Kong, lack of resources to cope with mental health support in New Zealand and UK universities’ deal to buy energy from wind farms.

Issues with Mental Health

In this article, we will talk about the Lack of Resources for New Zealand Universities to Cope with Mental Health Support.

Evening lectures cancelled in Hong Kong

RTHK reports that many Hong Kong universities decided to cancel evening lectures because of student safety and disruption to transport services. Facilities at various stations were damaged by protesters in the last week and more time was needed for repairs.

Therefore, universities decided to cancel evening classes.

For instance, the University of Hong Kong cancelled lectures scheduled to start after 6:30pm, while Baptist University cancelled lectures scheduled to start after 4:30pm.

Lack of resources for New Zealand universities to cope with mental health support

Radio New Zealand reports that Victoria University vice chancellor stated that more university students are suffering depression and anxiety. Meanwhile, the biggest issue for universities is the lack of funding.

Chief executive Chris Whelan said:”The university sector is now funded on a per-student basis below the rest of the OECD.

We’re about 27 percent less than Australia, and only about half the funding per-student of … a country like the United States.

We are absolutely struggling on the resources that we have.” Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association president Tamatha Paul added:

“We need talking therapies. We need good community infrastructure. We need peer support.’’

UK universities sign deal to buy energy directly from wind farms

The Guardian reports that for the first time in history, 20 of the UK’s leading universities have signed a £50m deal to buy renewable energy directly from British wind farms. Energy will be supplied from farms across Wales and Scotland.

This deal, known as a ‘’power purchase agreement’’ or PPA, is the first of its kind. James Rolfe, the chief operating officer at Anglia Ruskin University said:

“To support this commitment we aim to source all of our electricity from zero carbon sources by 2025, and this power purchase agreement makes a significant contribution towards this goal whilst delivering financial savings and budget stability.”

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