Lace Fabric Making – Reduction of Stress

Continuing with our series on traditional handicrafts, this time we'll talk about crocheting and lace making. Handicrafts are even recommended by psychologists. They lead to a natural calming of the mind and body. Crochet sticks and even pieces of laces have been discovered in Ancient Egypt. Even Queen Victoria was fond of crocheting. The aristocrats had conversations while they made their handicrafts. Let's now look into the secrets of lace.

What is Lace fabric?

Lace is a delicate fabric that was originally made from yarn or thread that was produced from linen, silk, gold, and silver.

It is debatable where it originated since both the Italians and the Flemish Belgians, claim to have invented it in the ‘modern’ times when compared with ancient Egypt. Lace has been made since the 15th century in these times.

There are many varieties of lace. The main ones are needle lace, cutwork, bobbin lace, crocheted, and knitted. Most kinds of lace are expensive because the process of making them is time-consuming.

Crocheted dress

Lace from Brugge

Brugge in Belgium is especially known for its lace. The city which the Belgians call the Venice of Belgium attracts millions of tourists each year. One street, in particular, is lined with shops on both sides, that sell only lace.

Intricate patterns and tradition make Brugge laces a real piece of art

Some modern artists use thin copper wire for lace making.

Crocheting step by step to proficiency – full tutorial

Lace crocheting for advanced

A Bruges Lace making

Photos: Shutterstock

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