Kenya Wants to Reach 30,000 International Students

Mandatory religious education for university students in Azerbaijan

Eurasia Net reports that mandatory religios education for university students in Azerbaijan is going to be introduced. At a meeting at the Caucasus Muslims Office, the chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations announced that from 2020 a course in Islam and other religions will be introduced to the universities, as well as to the primary and secondary schools, in an attempt to fight radicalism. This decision was recieved with scepticism, but the Committee stresses that “talking about religion is not about teaching religion”.

Kenya wants to reach 30,000 international students

The Pie News reports that Kenya is planning to develop policies which could turn the country into a regional higher education hub. Currently, this position is held by South Africa, which is the home of thousands of international students each year. The measures that the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) is planning to introduce are setting out clearly defined academic calendars, upgrading facilities and establishing international student directorates to assist learners. KNQA director general and CEO, Eusebius Mukhwana, said that ”universities must provide decent and affordable accommodation to international students on a reliable basis and on a bigger scale.”

A lawsuit against Tokyo medical school over discrimination

Mail & Guardian reports that a Japanese women filed a lawsuit against Tokyo medical schools. The reason for such decision is her belief that she was rejected because of her gender and age. The lead lawyer Hiroyuki Kawai has stated that this case is just ”tip of the iceberg” since it is believed that medical universities have been altering applicants’ test scores just to keep them out. This woman said: “The reason I failed was I’m a woman, wasn’t 18 or 19 years old, and none of my relatives were doctors at the schools.” The amount she asks as a compensation is $330,000.

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