Join EU Aid Volunteers


Civil Volunteer Group Italy has opened selection procedures for 30 volunteers who will work in 11 different local organisations in Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and Cambodia. Deadline to apply is September 11th.

Through the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, financed by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO), you can apply for a unique experience in the humanitarian aid field in different countries throughout Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 

Volunteers will carry out administration tasks, disaster risk management in emergencies, promotion of women’s rights or communication activitiesof a humanitarian aid project, aiming to guarantee support and increase the resilience of the most vulnerable communities.

Main criteria:

The initiative is open to all European Citizens over 18 years of age with two different profiles:

  • junior volunteers: who want to increase their skills and their professional and life experience;
  • senior volunteers: professionals who have already had 5 years of experience in the humanitarian sector.

Volunteers will receive a monthly subsistence lump sum intended to cover basic needs and local transport. Accommodation, Visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered.

The complete list of vacancies and requested profiles are published on the ECHO platform where you can fill-out the online application form and a self-assessment questionnaire, as well as attaching your Europass CV and cover letter.

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